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July 26, 2024

Rick Barbour – A Collection of Sea Stories

Stories of the Sea are always exciting and enlightening. A prime example might be Earnest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea”, a classic tale of how perseverance and dignity can help any one of us who battles through life’s struggles. Many of us will have read Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick”, a multi-themed account written by Herman Melville in 1851, when the world was fast running out of whales, the planet’s primary source of lamp oil (Thanks to Colonel Drake for his 1859 discovery of oil in Titusville and its eventual kerosene derivative).

A more recent book that will undoubtedly appeal to many of us military veterans is “Halsey’s Typhoon”: In the final days of 1944, Admiral William “Bull” Halsey and his Third Fleet were charged with protecting General MacArthur’s flank during the invasion of the Philippine Island of Mindoro. But before the landings, Halsey unwittingly drove his 170-ship armada into the teeth of a massive typhoon. Halsey’s men found themselves battling 90-foot waves and 150 mph winds. Amid the chaos, three ships were sunk and nearly nine hundred sailors and officers were swept into the Philippine Sea. For three days, small bands of survivors battled dehydration, exhaustion, sharks, and the elements waiting for rescue.

But U.S. Navy veteran and Senior Men’s Club member is sure to top those stories with his own collection when he addresses the Club on Friday. Be sure to be there.

Schedule of Speakers / Entertainers

DateSpeaker / Entertainer
7/26/24 Rick Barbour – A Collection of Sea Stories
8/2/24PA State Representative Valerie Gaydos – What’s Happening In Harrisburg
8/9/24Donna Kaib & George Shannon – Sewickley Borough Manager/Sewickley Mayor
8/16/24Tom Garnett – The Two Campaigns for Ft. Duquesne
8/23/24Warren Goss/Glenn Goss – A D-Day Sojourn
8/30/24 No Meeting (Labor Day)
9/20/24Ron Kolb – Pittsburgh Steeler & Exercise Phycologists

June 28, 2024

Michael Davis – Navy Nuclear Power


July 12, 2024

Sarah Reed – Marketing & PR Manager: 

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