February 23, 2020 Newsletter

February 28, 2020

Janet Russo

Allegheny Dept. of Health

We have all seen the County Food Restaurant ratings posted on the front of eating establishments throughout the county. When the county has issued warnings based on recent inspections, we have seen news stories done by the local TV stations. Now you have the chance to learn about the work the county inspectors do to protect the public.

This week we are joined by Janet Russo a food and beverage supervisor for the Allegheny Health Department. She supervises the people that inspect and rate restaurants and food service in Allegheny county.

Items Janet plans on covering are:

  • Requirements for opening a new facility and what our departments staff are required to know.
  • Foodborne illness investigations.
  • Enforcement When and Why.
  • Certification managers requirement.
  • Recalls of food products some reasons why they seem to be on the rise.
  • Education requirements for staff and the wide range of knowledge they need to do their job.

March 6, 2020

Sean Parnell

Veteran – Author – House of Rep. Candidate

Army Ranger, combat infantryman with the elite 10th Mountain Division, and veteran of 485 days of fierce fighting along the Afghan-Pakistan border, Captain Sean Parnell’s unique leadership skills welded his platoon into one of the most fierce and effective American fighting units in modern military history. Repeatedly outnumbered and outgunned by a foe whose avowed purpose was to overrun his platoon and behead his Soldiers so that their torturous deaths could be filmed and posted on Al Qaida propaganda websites, Sean’s “Outlaws” battled furiously in the most rugged terrain on the planet—the towering Hindu Kush Mountains. Eighty-five percent of his platoon received Purple Hearts for wounds incurred in battle, but his men gave far more than they received. Outlaw Platoon killed over 350 enemy fighters in some of the biggest firefights of the Afghan War.

Since leaving the Army, Sean has penned the New York Times best selling book, Outlaw Platoon, which is the story of his platoon’s crucible of combat in Eastern Afghanistan. He is a regular contributor on Fox News and has appeared on dozens of national TV and radio shows, including CNN’s Up Front with Erin Burnett, MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Show, PBS’s Tavis Smiley Show, Fox News Live, Fox and Friends, The Laura Ingraham Show, The Savage Hour with Michael Savage, Rusty Humphries and Fox News Radio’s Kilmeade and Friends.