October 13, 2019 Newsletter

October 18, 2019

Steve Mihaly

Marketing The Presidency

Have you ever wondered what becomes of election memorability after the election is over? In the era before television how did campaigns get the word out about candidates and their message.

Our speaker, Steve Mihaly began collecting political Americana at age 10. After 50 years of collecting he has accumulated more than 20,000 items. His parents who were avid antique collectors used election memorabilia to further Steve’s interest in history. Steve’s interest has been highlighted in numerous magazines and newspapers across the country. He has met many interesting people and even four US Presidents.

Steve will be sharing a presentation he developed at the request of a friend for the Joan Crawford Distinguished Speaker Series in Maryland. He will share how presidential campaigns as early as George Washington involved marketing. Marketing after all involves sharing the ideas and beliefs of the candidate and the campaign.

Steve is a recently retired Vice President of HJ Heinz. He lives in Gibsonia with his wife Kathy. He has one grown daughter who resides in Hot Springs, VA.


October 25, 2019

Elise Farris

PAWS Program