February 11, 2019 Newsletter

February 15, 2019

Executive Board Meeting

8:00 AM –  Oasis Room

February 22, 2019

Valerie Gaydos


Valerie Gaydos is a Republican member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, representing District 44 , encompassing the townships of Aleppo, Crescent, Findlay, Moon, North Fayette and Ohio, and the boroughs of Bell Acres, Edgeworth, Glen Osborne, Glenfield, Haysville, Sewickley, Sewickley Heights and Sewickley Hills. She was elected to the office on November 6, 2018, on a platform which included the need to strengthen the Pennsylvania economy.

For the 2019-20 fiscal year, Gov. Tom Wolf is proposing a $34.15 billion budget, with an increase of $927 million from last year’s proposal. The governor has spoken broadly about his goals for the upcoming fiscal year and emphasized working on issues such as job creation, workforce development and education funding, especially for STEM education and technical apprenticeships.

Ms. Gaysos somewhat agrees with the governor’s proposed budget, particularly about not generating new taxes.“Strengthening our economy is a priority. I am looking forward to reviewing the details of this budget proposal…”, Ms. Gaydos recently stated. “These hearings are where we can get a better look at the details and where we can continue to eliminate wasteful state spending, while at the same time ensuring that our most vulnerable residents are taken care of.”

Gaydos plans to use her 25 years of small business and entrepreneurial experience to “help make Pennsylvania a friendlier place for business and then, in turn, make it a better place for people.” She notes the state’s high corporate income tax and says the state is not as favorable as others towards start-up companies.

Those of us from the Sewickley Valley may recognize the Gaydos name: Valerie’s dad, Edward, was a dentist in Ambridge; her mom, Martha, owned a consignment shop; her uncle John Gaydos was a doctor at Sewickley Hospital; Uncle Tom Gaydos taught theater at Robert Morris University, with his claim to fame being that he gave Michael Keaton his first job; and Uncle Ted Gaydos ran the Ambridge Chamber of Commerce in the 1970s.

Valerie Gaydos, a native of Sewickley, graduated from Sewickley Academy in 1986. She attended Dickinson College, where she majored in Russian language and economics with the hopes of joining the NSA or CIA someday. Her visit to the Senior Men’s Club is sure to be a treat for us.

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