October 27, 2019 Newsletter

November 1, 2019

Officer Keith Haburjak and

Canine Officer Benny


Yes, the Senior Men’s Club is yet again going to the Dog’s. Or at least to a dog.

This week we are honored to have Officer Keith Haburjak and Canine Officer Benny. Keith and Benny are members of the New Sewickley Police Department. Benny is certified by North American Work Dog Association.

Benny is trained to sniff out drugs and other things, so for all you ex-hippies from the fifties and sixties be warned, I am sure we will be educated and entertained in the workings of a police dog and his handler.


Mike Valliserri – Director

Zambelli Fireworks


Zambelli Fireworks has been referred to as the first family of fireworks. It dates to 1893 and typically puts on over 1600 fireworks shows a year.

Anthony Zambelli emigrated from Italy in 1893 to establish Zambelli Fireworks in nearby New Castle, PA. Zambelli established his company as one of the best worldwide and set the bar as an industry standard for fireworks design and technology.

Zambelli Fireworks continues as a family enterprise and is led by Dr. George Zambelli, Antonio’s grandson.

Zambelli now has its corporate headquarters in nearby Warrendale. Mike Valliserri, Director of Zambelli fireworks will enlighten us about the many aspects of the company in his presentation.

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