October 20, 2019 Newsletter

October 25, 2019
Elise Farris
Manager of Customer Experience
Allegheny County Airport Authority


Did you know that the Pittsburgh International Airport has 90 individuals who volunteer their time to assist visitors navigate the airport? Did you also know that the airport has recently added the PITPAWS team, a group of certified therapy dogs who provide visitors with a warm nozzle and a few minutes of relaxation prior to their boarding their flights.

Mark Jacques will have his two dogs Charlie and Glory with him and Ray Koper will have his dog Gracie with him. All three of these dogs are therapy dogs and participate in the PITPAWS program. These dogs will be there to meet and greet Senior Men’s Club members as they arrive. Please do not feed the dogs donut treats. We also need to make sure that these dogs are kept away from the children involved in the YMCA’s daycare programs.

Elise will elaborate on how the airports growing volunteer program is an important part of the flier’s experience at PIT.

The Allegheny Airport Authority operates and manages Pittsburgh International Airport and Allegheny County Airport. The authority’s vision is to become a global aviation leader inspiring regional growth and prosperity. Strong community partnerships are an integral part in advancing the authorities goals, which include increasing the number of non-stop flights and providing world-class facilities.

This should prove to be a very informative and interesting presentation.


November 1, 2019

Officer Keith Haburjak

Canine Officer Benny


Yes the Senior Men’s Club is yet again going to the Dog’s. Or at least to a dog.

This week we are honored to have Officer Keith Haburjak and Canine Officer Benny. Keith and Benny are members of the New Sewickley Police Department. Benny is certified by North American Work Dog Association.

Benny is trained to sniff out drugs and other things, so for all you ex-hippies from the fifties and sixties be warned, I am sure we will be educated and entertained in the workings of a police dog and his handler.

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