February 18, 2019 Newsletter

February 22, 2019

Hon. Valery Gaydos

Veterans Programs


March 1, 2019

  Simply Strings – Guitar Trio

 We look forward to this group of retired senior men, who will entertain the members of the SMC this coming Friday.

  Jim Bianchi, 80, lead guitarist, modestly touts himself as a “Jack of All Trades”, is also an accomplished wood carver.  His younger brother Dick retired two years ago from the construction industry.  And the third member of the trio, Frank Wisniewski, continues to work as a chiropractor.

But the three of them have a love of “easy listening” music and have come from their diverse backgrounds to form a trio of guitar music, focusing on the types of music that will appeal to those of us who turn away from the more raucous musical forms currently enjoyed by our grandchildren.  We will hear songs from the 1940s and ‘50s, some “old standards”, and even some popular Country-Western renditions.  The program promises to evoke bits of nostalgia to many of us Grandpas.

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